Accelerator: MyData services require a strong ecosystem to function

The closing event of the MyData Accelerator that was launched in December 2019 gathered participants together to share results and experiences from across the Accelerator’s journey.

The Accelerator focused around work and learning. Its participants were Barona Rakennus, Headai, Kuntarekry, Tampere University, Vastuu Group, and Jobtech from Sweden. Together with Vake, the accelerator was supported by the Technology Industries of Finland and Sitra.

“MyData and the human-centric data-economy come up in both the Government Programme of Prime Minister Marin and in the EU’s data strategy. But what do they mean in practise from an individual, corporate or organisational point of view? This is what we set out to explore through hands-on service development with experts offering guidance on our work,” comments Vake’s Programme Director Pia Erkinheimo.

The MyData Accelerator concentrated on finding new solutions for both employers and job seekers – for example by helping employers find the best candidates for open positions by sharing information about the candidates’ skills more efficiently. New techniques for planning career models were outlined for job seekers, to give them for instance suggestions of suitable employers or education through tailored recommendations.

“Perhaps our most central lesson from the Accelerator was that while we set out to develop services, we ended up also developing an ecosystem. We quickly learned that you cannot fully utilise individual services before there is a strong foundation built on collaboration,” continues Erkinheimo.

“In Finland and the Nordics, we have everything it takes to establish a strong position in work and skills data development. Next we wish to encourage all parties around Europe who share an interest in developing a human-centric outlook around work and skills data to join,” emphasises Antti Poikola, who acted as one of the Accelerator’s coaches on behalf of the Technology Industries of Finland.

Two publications were released at the closing event of MyData Accelerator: “The Future of Work and Skills”, which brings together key lessons learned during the MyData Accelerator, and “Matilda’s story”, which showcases the user experience. Both publications are in English and can be found behind this link.

A recording of the event and all presentations held can be found here.

The participants’ collaboration is intended to continue in cooperation with MyData Global; if you are interested in joining, please be in contact with

The publications are also available at