Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to devices, software and systems that are able to learn and make decisions almost like human beings. AI has made an impact in a wide scope of scientific inquiry, society and policymaking. Each one of us comes in contact with it in our daily lives and work.

AI has great promise and potential to drive change. It can help us solve major global issues, create wellbeing and economic growth while presenting us with new ethical challenges on all levels of society.

Our goal is to build an attractive and competitive Finland in the AI age with the most highly educated, cognizant and independent citizens with relevant skillsets.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment: Leading the way into the era of artificial intelligence. Final report of Finland’s Artificial Intelligence Programme. 14 March 2019

Why AI?

Vake chose AI as its first theme for three reasons:

As a technology, AI is:


Of considerable impact:

The technology for a wide range of general applications
Potential in all fields and sectors
Significant competitive asset

AI will be the driver of future economic growth. Those able to successfully incorporate AI into their operations will benefit from major competitive advantage.


At a stage of rapid development:

The focus has shifted from research to application
The speed of development is only going to increase
The anticipated rate of change is extremely rapid

The development of AI has stepped up from research into a rapidly progressing application stage and the competition for new markets will be fierce.


Easily applicable in Finland:

Finland has existing high-level expertise
Unique data repositories
Highly educated and technology-positive population

Finland boasts an impressive spearhead of relevant top expertise alongside other factors that create a sound foundation for further development.

Vake’s goals for the application of AI are threefold:

People’s wellbeing

AI helps reinvent the way we work – growth and increased productivity will generate wealth and wellbeing.

AI is developed respecting individual privacy and offering tools for everyone to manage their personal data.

AI enhances peoples lives by supporting good health, safety and security, the usability of applications and democratic participation.

Developing society

Finland is a safe, democratic country that offers everyone access to some of the best public services in the world.

Finland has taken bold steps to introduce AI in all areas of public life.

Finland is a leader in resolving the ethical considerations of AI and this development work continues based on sound Nordic values.

Competitive business

Finland attracts some of the world’s best global talent and businesses in the field of AI.

Finland produces new exports and innovations for the global benefit.

Finnish AI development ecosystem has been an inspiration around the world.

Achieving our goals requires investment and confidence in the enabling tehcnologies and applications of the highest potential.

Finland as the developer of AI enablers

Vake aims to create the most favourable conditions in the world for the development, application and commercial use of AI solutions and operations.

The essential enablers under this theme are data and how data is used, skills, development infrastructures, active business activities, the regulatory environment and funding.

AI Enablers
The most potential AI applications for Finland

The goal is to identify the most potential AI applications and focus our resources in these areas to boost wellbeing and competitiveness.

When choosing the areas for AI development the perspectives of different sectors, AI capabilities and applications and the strengths unique to Finland all merit our attention.


This programme promotes the generation and usability of high-quality, structured data.

Data as an enabler of AI and Finnish language AI

Widespread deployment of artificial intelligence brings increasingly impactful digital healthcare services to almost all Finnish people.

AI in healthcare