Donate your speech to accelerate Finnish speech recognition!

It is important to have technology that understands us in our own language as digitalisation is reaching all areas of life and in future, speech will guide most of our services. It will take an estimated 10 000 hours of freely spoken Finnish in order to develop serviceable speech recognition: speech from different age groups and dialects, and from people who speak Finnish in different ways.

The Donate Speech campaign that started today helps researchers and application developers to create better working Finnish language artificial intelligence and speech recognition by gathering speech donations from Finns and people who speak Finnish.

An easy-to-use and fun speech donation machine has been developed for donations. The machine works both as a mobile application and online. The speech donation machine has different kinds of ready-made themes that make it easy for donors to find topics to speak about.

More information about the campaign and the speech donation machine are available at or as a mobile application in App Store and Google Play.

Finnish public service broadcasting company Yle, Helsinki University and the Finnish State Development Company Vake are behind the campaign. The campaign is also challenging various actors from different spheres of society to encourage everyone to donate their speech. The donated speech will be recorded in the language bank at Helsinki University, from where it can be handed over to both researchers and companies, for developing and researching speech applications, as well as linguistics research.