Meet Vake at MyData 2019 Conference on 25.–27. September

International MyData 2019 Conference will be organised for the fourth time in the Wanha Satama Conference Centre in Helsinki on 25-27 September 2019; this time as an associated event of the Finnish EU presidency. Vake is one of the partners of the Conference. You can catch our representatives particularly well as hosts, panellists and members of the audience of the following events:

On the opening night, Wednesday 25th September, Vake will organise a get-together at 19.00–21.00. We’ll invite the conference guests to discuss how different players could best work together towards a globally working MyData ecosystem. We’ll also tell about ourselves and share our plans on the personal data scene.

On Thursday 26th September at 11.30–12.45, there is a discussion on the topic “Boosting MyData Ecosystems Locally” at the Main Stage. Pia Erkinheimo, Director of Vake’s Power of Data Programme, tells about the development of personal data in Finland. Representatives from Britain, Japan and France discuss the progress in their respective countries in the same session.

Posti, the winner of Vake’s MyData Operator Challenge Competition, organised in the summer, enters the Main Stage on the same day at 17.00–18.15. In the session, titled “Why MyData Operators Are a Good Idea,” Posti tells about its role as a MyData operator, the progress it has achieved, and the results of the trial phase of the Competition.

Posti’s Mikko Ristimäki kicks off a workshop on Friday 27th September at 14.30. The workshop aims to better define the role of the Operator within the MyData ecosystem.

“The MyData 2019 Conference provides a tremendous opportunity to learn how organisations, large and small, around the world are developing different MyData-based business models. The fact that the event will be held at our home turf signals that we are in the forefront in Finland in shaping data management and sharing towards a human-centric model. Vake aims to boost this development and to make data a national competitive strength for Finland”, says Pia Erkinheimo, Programme Director at Vake.


MyData 2019 Conference will attract some thousand experts from the business, tech, legal and society sectors from almost 40 countries to the Conference for the fourth time.

MyData means data gathered from individuals, and in particular a model where the human is in the centre, meaning individuals’ right to self-determination regarding their personal data and the use of them. The individual can share his/her data from one service to another, which permits both new business to develop and social change. The central issue of the Conference is accelerating change in the direction of more human-centric data rights.

The Conference will be organised by MyData Global ( and Vake is a co-operation partner of the Conference. Further information on the Conference: