MyData development in the spirit of Finnkampen

Vake’s MyData Accelerator is in full speed and recently held its second meeting in Stockholm, hosted by the Swedish participant, Jobtech.

The overall theme of the first Accelerator batch is MyData that supports recruiting, employment and lifelong learning.

“Jobtech brings a Swedish point of view to the table, which is valuable to our Finnish participants,” says Pia Erkinheimo, Vake’s Programme Director, Power of Data. “As our participants say, the development work in Accelerator has adopted bit of the spirit of “Finnkampen”; racing to see which country will be the first one to adapt MyData-based practices in their systems and solutions and bring new services to market.”

Jonas Södergren, Head of Development, and Marjan Dolatkhahan, UX Designer, work full time with MyData at Jobtech Development which is a part of the Swedish Public Employment Service. Their main goal is to serve the labour market by creating an open digital infrastructure. Concretely put, they provide relevant data for developers interested in improving the labour market.

When asked about their vision, Jonas and Marjan mention three basic components:

  • a common language for the labour market,
  • systematic flow and access to open data, and
  • a development area called Jobtech MyData.

Jobtech MyData aims to provide each individual control and ownership of their own data and enable data portability between different platforms and services. Jonas and Marjan are confident that we will see a higher degree of automation in recruitment due to MyData, leading to more data being available for everyone involved in the process.

“We believe that the ways of recruitment will see a big change and many new actors enter the field during this decade. As an example, it could become possible to predict which employers are likely to recruit, laying a foundation for a completely new kind of recruitment process,” envisions Jonas.

“Our team at Jobtech decided to join Vake’s MyData Accelerator as it allows us to meet with others trying to solve similar challenges. The Accelerator brings a group of people and organisations together, with a willingness to share their expertise for the benefit of a shared mission,” adds Marjan.

For Jobtech participants, one of the best parts has been to learn from the others and build on each other’s ideas instead of everyone working independently. This way, a heavy workload can be shared, creative solutions to tough problems found, and the big picture built together.

“Working with new people from different areas of business opens up channels that would otherwise remain closed. Finding new ways to communicate and share information is hugely important to the success of any business,” conclude Jonas and Marjan.

On a more practical level, the Jobtech team would like to work as an open-source project with their Finnish friends and colleagues. As Marjan and Jonas say, they are open for suggestions!