AI in healthcare

AI in healthcare

As the population ages, national diseases are on the rise, and healthcare resources becoming increasingly scarce, there is a risk that the resources available in healthcare only stretch to the treatment of the most critical illnesses and conditions – although preventive measures and maintaining good health are a more efficient way to ensure a long and healthy life for all Finns. The demand for healthcare services clearly exceeds the availability, which leads to inequality in access to care as well as ill health.

AI offers a way to focus more intensively on the prevention of diseases and personalised support. AI also enables more equal access to healthcare services and improves the quality of the services provided.

The vision of the AI in Healthcare Programme:

Our vision is to build a unique and internationally attractive ecosystem that improves the quality, outcomes and cost-effectiveness of healthcare. The programme will deliver improved availability and equality in access to healthcare service, streamlined care processes and better opportunities for personal involvement in one’s own care.

The healthcare system benefits from AI through new development tools while businesses produce internationally competitive innovations, making Finland an attractive investment destination.

Vake uses a wide selection of tools and methods – synergies delivering results

  • Investments to boost business operations
  • Harnessing data for AI development
  • Support for ecosystem development, e.g. challenge competitions
  • Fostering innovation through events and joint projects
  • Development of tools and models and sharing of best practices

How do we do it?

Speeding up the use of AI in healthcare by bringing together service providers, companies and research organisations.

Companies produce innovative AI applications for the use of healthcare service providers. In return, this gives the developers an opportunity to test their application in a clinical context.

The benefits of Vake’s AI in Healthcare Programme

For the public:

  • Better availability and access to services
  • Shorter waiting time and quicker healthcare processes
  • Personal involvement in one’s own care

For businesses:

  • Faster development cycle for products and improved collaboration with healthcare providers and stakeholders
  • Continuous clinical evaluations as an integral part of product development
  • Companies receive support in growth and access to international markets

For the healthcare system:

  • Faster delivery of professional services and elimination of unnecessary and overlapping steps, which also helps reduce the shortage of qualified staff
  • Support in decision making and the management of employees
  • Shifting the focus towards preventive measures, home-based care and assisted independent living
  • Streamlined care processes, improved perceived customer experience, better outcomes and efficacy of treatment

Contact details

Antti Larsio, Programme Director
Tel. +358 40 594 7335