AI: Data as an enabler of AI and Finnish language AI

Data as an enabler

AI cannot exist without data. Without open, high-quality data repositories, developing AI solutions is simply impossible. Data attracts investment and speeds up and diversifies development. Data management, previously seen as a support function, is emerging as a separate industry. Data management involves factors that an individual enterprise is unable to manage without a national solution.

Finland has a long history in the utilisation of electronic systems and our registers are exceptionally comprehensive. Electronic registers do not, however, meet the standards required for AI and the siloed data presents a genuine problem. Finland could lead global AI development thanks to the systematic utilisation of data repositories, national-level coordination efforts are needed urgently – otherwise, Finland’s competitive edge might erode.

Vake’s programme promotes the generation and usability of high-quality, structured data. The programme also focuses on ecosystem development so that members of the public could more effectively control their own data. In addition to individual users, the programme also facilitates capacity-building among data repositories, data brokers and data-based service development. Data will be Finland’s next competitive strength.

Vake’s programme offers national-level tools for clearing bottlenecks in the utilisation of data. Vake wants to see data hard at work for the benefit of individuals, businesses and society at large. The level of access to data, its quality and usability impact business directly through domestic and foreign investments. For individuals, more open data allows for better self-determination, trust and usability of personal data through movements such as MyData. Transparent and structured models for data usage speed up development work and pave way for groundbreaking innovations. Data moves in a coordinated manner in compliance with data protection, security and ethical standards.

Finnish language AI

The Finnish language will preserve its position as a language of technology despite rapid development in AI and related business operations. While AI applications are introduced in all sectors of life, services will continue to be provided in Finnish.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has advanced in leaps and bounds, but the main focus of commercial interest in this area of development has been outside the Finnish language. NLP development requires an exceptional level of expertise, large sets of training data and more resources that any start-up can be expected to be able to access in order to ensure that we will continue to have services in our mother tongue.

Boosting Finnish language AI

Vake’s spearhead projects in Finnish language AI development generates Finnish language AI resources, such as program libraries, ready-to-use language models and training materials, alongside more mainstream languages.

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Posti becomes MyData development pioneer

MyData, i.e. personal data collected by different actors and applications, is still fragmentary and largely untapped – although its potential both for businesses and for an individual’s own benefit is evident.

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