Vake launches a MyData Accelerator - answer the questionnaire and join us!

Case: Vake launches a MyData Accelerator

The Finnish State Development Company Vake launches the MyData Accelerator during autumn 2019 in collaboration with the Technology Industries of Finland. We invite companies, public organisations and others to join the Accelerator – everyone who has enthusiasm and true interest in developing a MyData service or data resources as well as user validation at the end of the accelerator period. Our goal is to accelerate the development of the whole Finnish MyData ecosystem by means of peer and expert sparring.

The Accelerator is based on thematic batches of six months, completed with a user validation of two months. The aim is to kick off the first batch in November 2019. Every batch will include both data sources and service providers around a common theme. A shared theme enables services/apps to complement each other and may be built around e.g. the same data source or field of activity. Potential themes for the first batch could be cities, energy, wellness, finance, employment/recruitment and food – in case your theme is not among these, please make a suggestion!

It is crucial that every participant and their organisation is genuinely interested and committed to take its service through the Accelerator activities towards a real use-case. As a participant, you are expected to take part in the monthly meetings, contribute to discussions and support others, as well as drive the development work on your own – so that after the six month acceleration and development time the service or the application is ready to be validated with at least a hundred users.

In the beginning, the MyData Accelerator will collaborate with Posti’s MyData operator, the winner of Vake’s MyData Operator Business Challenge. The overarching goal is to create a bunch of user-validated, MyData-based services to benefit citizens, companies and the public sector. With this, Vake strives to push the MyData Operator development in Finland.

Interested? Please fill in the questionnaire measuring the interest towards the Accelerator and do join us!

For further information please contact Terhi Marttila at Vake (, tel. 040 681 5868)