Spoofy teaches schoolchildren important online security skills

Spoofy is a free mobile game in which players can adventure and solve various cyber problems. The game is available in Finnish and Swedish and downloadable for both Android and iOS devices.

All young Finnish primary school pupils have got access to the downloadable game that teaches them to protect against online threats such as cyberbullying and spoof messages. The Finnish State Development Company Vake is the main partner of the game’s publisher, IT company CGI.

Now school classes from 1st to 3rd graders can take part in CGI’s Spoofy Contest. The winning class will be invited to visit the real National Cyber Security Centre and find out if they have the necessary skills to become everyday cyber heroes. The competition is open until 31st of March. More information about the competition and its rules can be found at: http://bit.ly/3bIwA3x

”We are making Spoofy a safety equipment for the digital age that hopefully will reach all first and second graders in Finland,” remarks Pauliina Nikko-Takala from the cyber security unit of IT company CGI.

”Digital disruption is one of the central megatrends affecting our times, and it especially influences children and young people. Consequently, The Finnish State Development Company Vake is partaking in this project, which teaches digital safety to elementary school children,” says Vake’s Public Affairs Director Saara Mattero.

”We think the best part is that first graders who just got their first mobile phones get to practise digital skills through a game from the very start of their school path,” adds Mattero.

Material aimed at teachers and parents is published alongside the game, to help them speak to children about digital safety in a broader sense as well. The support material is free of charge and available at www.spoofy.fi

Additional information:

Saara Mattero, Public Affairs Director, Vake,
 +358 400 114 777, saara.mattero@vake.fi