Vake partners with the international MyData 2019 Conference

Some thousand experts from the business, legal, tech and society sectors from almost 40 countries will gather for the fourth time at the MyData Conference. It will be organised in the Wanha Satama conference centre in Helsinki on 25–27 September 2019 and is an associated event of the Finnish EU presidency.

MyData means data gathered from individuals and in particular a human-centric model, meaning individuals’ right to self-determination regarding their personal data and the use of them. The individual can share his/her data from one service to another, which permits both new business to develop and social change. The central issue of the Conference is accelerating change in the direction of more human-centric data rights.

The Conference will be organised by MyData Global ( and Vake partners with the Conference. The main event of the Conference will be the presentation of the results of the MyData Operator Challenge Competition, organised earlier this year, and of Posti, the winner of the Competition.

Teemu Ropponen, MyData Global’s CEO, describes the event:

“The rules of the game in the data economy are subject to violent changes both in Europe and globally. How to process and exploit personal data in a fair and equitable manner is a key issue for the Internet and for business conducted in it.

The MyData Conference 2019 will be a very important event, because right now lots of things are happening in this field. I think that it’s important for Finland and Europe to demonstrate leadership and to create a credible European “third venue” as an alternative to the Chinese and Silicon Valley paradigms.

The event will gather experts considering this matter from different perspectives – business, technology and law are all important aspects of this development. Of course, we will have to pursue a social debate about the consequences of different solutions, and in a larger context, the question in what kind of data world we want to live.”

You can get to know the Conference better at the website