Sitra’s Paula Laine to become managing director of Vake

The Board of Directors of Vake, Finland’s State Development Company, has chosen Paula Laine, Sitra’s Foresight, Insight and Strategy Director, as its new CEO. Laine will begin in her new role on 15 July 2019.

“Rinne’s government has outlined in its programme that Vake has an important role in creating new economic activity, growth and employment. We have had a close dialogue with the owner’s representatives and have received the strong wish that they would like to have Vake’s Board’s vision for a new strategy available by mid-September. The owner was of the opinion that a precondition for this would be rapid progress in the selection of the new CEO,” says Reijo Karhinen, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“The common denominator throughout Paula Laine’s career has been the development of strategy, organisations and business. As a member of Vake’s Board, she has inside knowledge of the company and understands the transformation process Vake is going through. Thus, we are unanimous that she is the best person to take control of the company immediately and to launch strategy work with the Board and the owner according to a rapid schedule,” continues Karhinen.

Laine’s background combines a profound vision of development prospects in both society and the field of technology. A decade of experience in tech companies, including Nokia, plus a decade-long career in social impact, the prediction of future megatrends, and public innovation strategy work brings to Vake’s operations combined knowledge of private and public sector activities and an understanding of opportunities for collaboration. Laine is a Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering Physics.

“I am excitedly looking forward to becoming Vake’s CEO. My most important task is to support Vake’s Board and the owner in the review of the tasks and objectives of the government programme. At the same time, I greatly appreciate the work done by Vake’s team in initiating the company’s operational activities. I believe that Vake has good preconditions for rapidly advancing the implementation of the Government’s technology-focused and future-oriented objectives, such as the development of digitalisation and combatting climate change. Business structure renewal and new growth are naturally created in companies; hence, Vake – as an enabler – has a key role to play in this,” says Paula Laine, future CEO of Vake.

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