Follow Vake’s Digitalisation in Healthcare Event online

One of the priorities in the Finnish Government Programme is the digital transformation of healthcare and social welfare to improve citizens’ health and care. It’s also part of the strategy proposal created by Vake’s Board. According to it, Vake adopts a role as an accelerator for digital investments, e.g. through public platforms or public–private partnerships.

These themes are discussed at Vake’s Digitalisation in Healthcare Event at Musiikkitalo on Tuesday 1 October at 13–15. The event is by invitation only but will be streamed, so you’re welcome to join online, either during the event or watch the recording afterwards. Please note that the language of the event is Finnish.

You can find a link to the webstream here.

12.30 Lunch
13.00 Opening words Saara Mattero, Public Affairs Director, Vake
13.05 Presenting the Finnish State Development Company Vake Paula Laine, CEO, Vake
13.20 Vake’s Healthcare Programme Antti Larsio, Programme Director, Vake
13.45 The critical needs of the service provider in terms of quality of care, customer experience and efficiency Juha Tuominen, CEO for Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS)
14.15 Utilising the national database by artificial intelligence Arto Vuori, Head of Unit, Information Resource Services, National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) &

Pekka Marttinen, Academy of Finland Research Fellow at the Aalto University

14.35 The future social and healthcare services enabled by technology Toni Suihko, Chief Information Officer, Eksote & Merja Tepponen, Chief Development Officer, Eksote.


14.55 Closing words
15.00 End of the event