Vake’s MyData Accelerator kicks off with work and skills as its first themes

Awareness of human-centric data-economy has increased during past years, as digitalisation rapidly progresses from one industry to the next. Digitalisation and digital services must bring people benefits. One important aspect of this notion is the MyData principle – it means that individuals must have the opportunity to control, utilise and pass on information gathered about themselves. The Finnish State Development Company Vake started actions around MyData already in June. In September we announced that the MyData Accelerator would be launched later this autumn.

Vake’s MyData Accelerator is based on thematic batches of six months, completed with a user validation of two months. The Accelerator’s first batch is built around two themes: employment and lifelong learning. Participants chosen for this batch are Barona Rakennus, Headai, Kuntarekry, Tampere University, Vastuu Group, and Jobtech from Sweden. Jobtech brings this batch sought after joint Nordic perspective and strengthens international labour mobility opportunities.

The collaboration aims at finding new solutions that will make it easier for candidates to find new jobs or education. The service is also being developed to help employers find the best employees for open positions, and easily gain information about the candidates’ competences. The solutions under development will also enable universities and other educational institutions to offer individuals recommendations regarding courses and study modules that would best suit them.

Vake is creating the MyData Accelerator in collaboration with the Technology Industries of Finland and Sitra. The Accelerator’s main goal is to fast-track the development of a MyData ecosystem, by supporting service development around selected themes by means of peer and expert sparring.

After a six-month development period, the service concepts will be launched to a large group of users to gain feedback, after which the services will be introduced to the public. The Accelerator’s overarching goal is to create a number of user-validated, MyData-based services to benefit citizens, companies and the public sector.

Are you interested in hearing more about the MyData Accelerator or sharing your thoughts about the theme for the next batch? Please contact Vake’s Project Manager Terhi Mattila:, tel. +358 (0) 40 681 5868.