Vake’s team grows with six new experts

Antti Larsio, M.Sc. (Tech.), started as a Programme Director in Vake’s AI and Healthcare programme in May. Antti has a long career working at the crossroads of technology and healthcare, e.g. for Sitra, Microsoft and HUS. Antti brings with him strong knowledge and extensive network from the healthcare sector, in addition to expertise from several international technology companies.

Pia Erkinheimo, MA in Education, started in August as a Programme Director in the Data as an Enabler Programme. Pia describes herself as Jacqueline of all trades in innovation, with experience as an angel investor, from start-ups, and Nokia, Capgemini, DIGILE as well as the research and innovation work in the European Commission. Pia is a founding member of Women in Tech Finland and MyData Global. In addition to the ability to inspire people, her strengths include extensive knowledge of data, international machine learning and sustainable development.

Elina Holkko, M.Sc. (Econ.), joined Vake’s team as a Manager for Finance and Controlling in August. Before Vake she was with HKScan, where she worked with reporting development. Prior to that, she worked as a Management Consultant at August Associates. In addition to her strong financial background, Elina comes equipped with project management expertise and experience across a wide range of industries.

Terhi Marttila, M.Sc. (Eng.), started as a Project Manager in Vake’s Data as an Enabler Programme in June. Terhi has worked for years in roles related to technology innovation and its promotion. She brings to Vake her experience in designing and executing different types of projects with a variety of different stakeholders.

Riikka Laurila, M.Sc. (Econ.), started as a Project Manager in the AI and Healthcare Programme in August. Riikka’s experience stems from working in various projects within the social and healthcare sector, e.g. in data analytics, research and software robotics. Her understanding of technology and business brings fresh insights from the healthcare industry into Vake’s projects.

Roope Lääkkölä, M.Sc. (Econ.), started as a full-time Investment Analyst in July, following a part-time Analyst role that began in February. Roope’s background includes early-stage experience from strategy consulting and business development in a software growth company. At Vake, Roope strengthens the team especially with his analytical and financial skills.

Contact details for the new Vake team members: