Vake: building the future of Finland


Vake Oy is a state-owned investment and development company, which supports Finland's competitiveness and the renewal of its business structures. Vake invests in new solutions that are important from the perspective of the future development of Finnish society and which have been developed within creative technology companies.

Among the private equity investors and public providers of venture capital investment, Vake is a new and complementary actor. We focus only on carefully selected and diligently chosen technologies and phenomena. In addition to the activities of each company we work with, Vake will also always consider employment opportunities and societal well-being when making its investment decisions.

Significant results have previously been achieved through public-private partnerships in Finland, for example in biofuels and health technology. Vake cooperates with different parties in order to realise analogous results over time, for example, in artificial intelligence and, more broadly, with new technology.

In addition to holdings and direct investments, the operating models include the founding of new business enterprises and the construction and utilisation of networks. We do not overlap with other parties in areas that already have other sources of significant public funding.



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Vake Oy

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